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Registration fee is $25 per student/$50 per family which covers the cost of insurance and processing fees for all programs. Note: A completed registration form, registration fee and the first month’s tuition must be received prior to your child’s enrollment into any of our programs.

Tuition is based on a 10 month year (September-June). Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments for your convenience. Regardless of the number of weeks in a month, missed lessons, school closings or school vacations.

  • Tuition payments not received by the 10th of each month will incur a $15 late fee.
  • MDG strongly suggests a credit card be put on file to make automatic payments and avoid late fees. Print and fill out a Credit Card Authorization form and return with your registration.
  • MDG accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard and Visa.
  • A $30 service charge will be assessed for checks returned to the studio for any reason.
  • Yearly tuition paid in full by September 30th will receive a 10% discount. Please take note, tuition payments are non-refundable.
  • Tuition is based on a monthly rate and remains the same whether there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks in a month.

mckeons danceFAMILY PLAN
McKeon's offers a discount for members of the immediate family. The first child pays full lesson price. The second child receives a 10% discount, the third child received a 20% discount, and the fourth child is free.

The McKeon School regrets there can be no refunds for tuition or registration fees unless the class has been canceled. No deduction, transfers or refunds from The McKeon Centers fixed charges may be made for withdrawal or missed lessons.




  • McKeons is a non-smoking facility
  • For health and safety concerns there are no pets allowed inside the facility
  • Please help us maintain a clean and pleasant facility by not bringing any food or drink into the gym or dance rooms.
  • For the safety of your child, please be on time when dropping off and picking up. All children should wait inside the building for parents.
  • Children are not allowed to rough house in the waiting area
  • Children are not allowed on any gymnastic equipment unless they are in a class with an instructor present
  • Parents, for the welfare and safety of your child, please come into the building when picking up your child at the end of class

Please make every effort to attend all classes. If a class must be missed, please notify the studio via telephone or email. One make up class will be allowed per month. The class must be made up in the same discipline within 2 weeks and must be scheduled at the time of notification of missing regularly schedule class.

Cancellations for inclement weather are rare. If school has been canceled in Hopedale, our morning classes will be cancelled. However, afternoon and evening classes will be held if conditions clear. Please call the studio at (508) 473-8166 between 2 and 3pm, as a message will be posted.

mckeonsCLASS ATTIRE - Dance Students
All footwear and leotards are being supplied by Dancers Edge. All ordering and sizing is done directly through the studio for your convenience. We are happy to offer you one stop shopping as well as generous savings on items.

All recreational dancers wear the same leotard, tights and shoes. Leotards and tights are ordered through the studio. Shoes are purchased at Capezio, Milford. Hair must be pulled up neatly.

Tank leotard | Price $20.00 child, $22.00 adult

Tan convertible tights | $8.00

Black dance shorts | Price $19.00 child, $22.00 adult
Pull-on Dance Skirt | Price $15.00

Tan strap tap | Price Child: $31.98 Adult: $35.70
Tan jazz boot | Price $28.70
Pink ballet slipper | Price $18.50

Dance Tote Bag
We suggest all students have a dance bag as they go from room to room. Please be sure all your child’s belongings are clearly labeled with their name. All shoes listed are the same that will be required to be worn in our annual recital.

CLASS ATTIRE - Gymnastics Students

Elite tank leotard. Shorts optional. Hair pulled up neatly. Bare feet.

Gymnastic Star Class Attire
Elite tank leotard | Price $32.00

mckeons dance studioGrips are optional | Price $18.00
Wristbands | $8.00

  • Must be ordered before the first class
  • Ordering done through McKeon
  • Shorts may be worn over leotard
  • Bare feet
  • Hair pulled back in a ponytail
  • No jewelry

All dance students will perform in one recital. Venue and date are to be announced. Every dancer will participate in the show as well as the finale. Dress rehearsal will be held on Friday afternoon for a Saturday recital or on Saturday morning for a Sunday show. Shows are typically at 1:00pm or 6:00 pm. Attendance at dress rehearsal is mandatory. Ticket sales will be held in May. Please watch your email for dates. All seating is reserved and is on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone occupying a seat must purchase a ticket. This includes dancers sitting with a parent.

One costume is needed for each discipline of dance your child takes. For example, if your child is enrolled in a tap and ballet combination class, she will need 2 costumes for our annual recital. Costumes cost between $55 - $75 per costume.

  • Costume payment slips will go home the week of January 4 - January 10th
  • All costumes must be paid in full the week of January 18th - January 25th
  • Your child’s costume will not be ordered unless full payment has been received.
  • Once a costume has been ordered we are unable to give refunds.
  • Gymnastic classes do not perform in the recital.

Our gymnastic exhibition will be held in June. All gymnasts will perform routines on the floor and apparatus. It’s a great opportunity to see what your gymnast has accomplished throughout the year. All students in the gym stars program and competitive gymnastics will be participating in the extravaganza. Each gymnast will receive an award.

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