2024 Dance Team Results


Sheer Elite International Dance Competition
March 22-24, 2024 Nashua, NH


Teen Miss Sheer Elite 2024
Kendyl McNamara

1st Overall Small Wonders Novice Duet:
“Side by Side”
Rylie Powers & Harper Stojek


1st Overall Junior Competitive Solo:
Sophia Calzone

1st Overall Small Wonders Competitive Solo:
Lucia Claro


1st Overall Senior Adv. Solo:
Kayla Morrison

1st Overall Junior Adv. Solo:
Peyton Fleming


1st Overall Junior Adv. Duet
Keagan McNeil & Peyton Fleming

1st Overall Adv. Preteen Solo:
Keagan McNeil



Isabella Calzone

Prorevelers are chosen at the convention throughout classes to join to the REVEL dance family to tour with the Convention
and to assist master class professional dance instructors throughout the season! Congratulations ladies!

Isabella Calzone "La Vie En Rose" Choreography by Miss Brea!



EDC March 8-10, 2024



"My Haus"
Choreography by Tommy Tibball!
1st Overall Teen Adv. Line


Choreography by Miss Hope!




Golden Ticket Award Winners 2024


"Children of Valhalla"
Choreographed by Miss Kara Pendlebery
Golden Ticket, Choreography Award & 1st Overall Level 3, Age 12-14 Small Group!


"Savage Daughter"
Choreographed by Miss Hope Specht
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall Level 3 Age 15-19 Small Group Winner


"Welcome to Havana"
Choreographed by Miss Laura Pettis!
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall Level 2 Age 9-11 Large Group!


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Choreographed by Miss Hope Specht!
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall Level 3 Age 9-11 Large Group!


"Haus of Holbein"
Choreographed by Miss Hope Specht!
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall Level 2 Age 8 & Under Small Group!


Choreographed by Miss Casey!
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall 8 & Under Level 1 Small Group Winner!


Choreographed by Miss Kelly!
Golden Ticket Winner & 1st Overall Rec Teen Small Group!


Isla Norton
1st Overall Shooting Star 10-12 Solo Winner

1st Overall Shooting Star 7-9 Solo Winner
Lucia Claro
“Everybody Wants to be a Cat”

Makayla Kenney
"Blank Page"
1st Overall Shooting Star 13-15 Solo Winner



Brooke Jencks & Peyton Milani
"Friend Like Me"
Shooting Star 6 & Under Duet Overall Winner

Norah Winroth & Vivienne Szlachcuik
"Monsters Inc"
1st Overall Shooting Star 7-9 Duet Overall Winner

Charlotte Jacobs, Reagan Pasiaskos & Sophia Calzone
"Flaunt it"
1st Overall 7-9 Duet/Trio Winner



Charlotte Jacobs
1st Overall 7-9 Rising Star Solo Winner

Mackenzie Coleman
"Running Up the Hill"
1st Overall 10-12 Rising Star Solo Winner

Olivia Mazzola
"Do You Believe"
1st Overall Rising Star 13-15 Solo Winner


Keagan McNeil & Peyton Fleming
1st Overall Advanced Duet/Trio Winner



2023 Dance Team Results


2023 Starbound Grand Champtions!






Junior Int Solo Overall Winner
Isla Quintino
"Snakes and Ladders"

Petite Novice Solo Overall Winner
Norah Winroth
"Flip Flop Fly"


Teen Advanced Solo Overall Winner
Alyssa Gerbrands
"Opened My Eyes"

Senior Int Solo Overall Winner
Makayla Robinson
"How You'll Be Remembered"

Senior Nov. Solo Overall Winner
Kaitlyn Lussier
"Big Spender"



Dance Masters of America Title Pageant 2023

Kendyl McNamara
Junior Miss Dance Masters of America


12 & Under Top Scoring Recreational Routine: Sophia Calzone “Smile”
12 & Under Top Scoring Intermediate Routine: Isla Quintino “Snakes & Ladders”
12 & Under Top Scoring Advanced Routine: Isabella Calzone “A Dream Worth Keeping”

Gianna Calzone received 6th place overall and was awarded 4th place overall title for her lyrical solo!



Kayla Morisson & Alyssa Gerbrands

Prorevelers are chosen at the convention throughout classes to join to the REVEL dance family to tour with the Convention
and to assist master class professional dance instructors throughout the season! Congratulations ladies!





Turn it Up Dance Challenge
2023 Regional Competition


“Villains of the Heart”
Top scoring Teen Advanced Acro Line
Highest Scoring Group Routine of Turn it Up Fitchburg 2023!

Choreography by Miss Hope Specht!


“Dear Johnny”
1st Overall Teen Advanced Small Group

Choreography by Miss Kara Pendlebury!


Top scoring Teen Advanced Line

Choreography by Miss Tommy Tibball!



We are so honored to have received this prestigious award!
The Studio of Excellence Award is given by participating ADCC member competitions to a studio of their choice that
best exemplifies the values of The ADCC, which include working together and striving for excellence.



Kayla Morrison
Highest Scoring Advanced Senior Teen Solo

Molly Marchand
"Here I Am"
Top Scoring Intermediate Senior Teen Solo

Kaitlyn Lussier
"Big Spender"
Top Scoring Novice Senior Teen Solo

Alyssa Gerbrands
"Opened My Eyes"
Top Scoring Advanced Teen Solo

Devyn Favreau
"Secret Love Song"
Highest Scoring Intermediate Teen Solo

Megan Barlas
Highest Scoring Novice Junior Solo

Lucia Claro
"Greatest Star"
Highest Scoring Novice Petite Solo

Reagan Pasiakos
"Brass Band"
Highest Scoring Intermediate Petite Solo


Miss Teen Turn It Up Title Winner 2023
Isabella Calzone

"Mama I'm a Big Girl Now"
Charlotte Jacobs, Reagan Pasiakos & Sophia Calzone
Highest Scoring Mini Intermediate Duet/ Trio



“Night of the Dancing Flame”
First Overall Junior Intermediate Large Group
Highest Scoring Intermediate Group Routine of the ENTIRE COMPETITION!


Take the Runway
Top Scoring Mini Novice Large Group

“Dancin Fools”
Top Scoring Junior Novice Large Group!


“Peter Pan”
Top Scoring Novice Mini Production!



"Ain't Misbehavin"
Top Scoring Novice Mini Production!





The Royal Dance Competition 2023

"Villains of the Heart" Choreographed by Miss Hope Specht!
1st Overall Teen Line & Highest Scoring Group Routine of the Competition & Diamond Award Winners


"Memories" Choreography by Miss Hope Specht: Top Scoring Advanced Teen Line
"Curly Shuffle" Choreography by Miss Hope Specht: Top Scoring Petite Nov. Small Group
"Broken Wings" Choreography by Kara Pendleberry: Top Scoring Adv. Junior Small Group
"Dear Johnny" Choreography by Kara Pendlebery: Top Scoring Senior Advanced Small Group
"Night of the Dancing Flame" Choreography by Miss Hope Specht: Top Scoring Jr. Large Group
"Winner Takes it All" Choreography by Brea Purdue: Top Scoring Adv. Teen Small Group
"Unchained" Choreography by Casey LeBlanc: Top Scoring Int. Junior Small Group


Kayla Morrison: REGENCY AWARD WINNER 2023


MVP AWARD WINNER: Isabella Calzone





"Brass Band"
Highest Scoring Novice Petite Solo

Avery LePage
"I'll Be There"
Highest Scoring Novice Junior Solo

Charlotte Jacobs
"You Raise Me Up"
Highest Scoring Petite Intermediate Solo

Rachel Coleman
"Seven Devils"
Highest Scoring Teen Novice Solo

Sadie Robertson
Highest Scoring Senior Intermediate Solo

Kaitlyn Lussier
"Big Spender"
Highest Scoring Senior Nov. Solo

Devyn Favreau
"Secret Love Song"
Highest Scoring Intermediate Teen Solo

Chelsea Cobb
"Meet Me on the Battlefield"
Highest Scoring Junior Intermediate Solo

"Mama I'm a Big Girl Now"
Charlotte Jacobs, Sophia Calzone & Reagan Pasiakos
Highest Scoring Intermediate Petite Duet/ Trio

"Special Two"
Keagan & Kelsie McNeil
Highest Scoring Teen Advanced Duet/Trio


2022 National Results

“Chiroptera” Brilliant Choreography by Miss Hope
Top Scoring Junior Advanced Line, ULTIMATE DIAMOND AWARD WINNER,
Top Scoring Advanced Group Routine Overall Royal Circle Winners!


"Wake Up” Choreographed by Miss Hope


"The Portrait" choreographed by Casey LeBlanc!
Intermediate 2nd Runner-Up Royal Circle Winners and 1st Overall Junior Intermediate Small Group Winners


"Girl in the Red Jacket"
1st Overall Junior Advanced Large Group Overall Winners

"The Harp"
1st Overall Junior Advanced Duet Winners:
Isabella Calzone & Isabella LePardo - Choreography: Miss Kelly!


"All That Jazz"
1st Overall Junior Intermediate Large Group Overall Winners & Royal Circle Nominees
Choreography: Miss Hope!

1st Overall Advanced Teen Small Group Winners
Choreography by Miss Hope!


"Lead With Your Heart" choreographed by Miss Courtney!
1st Overall Advanced Junior Small Group Winners


"Babies of the Blitz"
1st Overall Petite Large Group Intermediate Overall Winners
Choreography by Miss Danielle!

"Born to Entertain"
1st Overall Novice Mini Solo Winner: Skylar Gove!
Choreographed by Miss Casey!


"Animal Kingdom!"
1st Overall Novice Petite Line/ Production
Choreographed by Miss Casey, Miss Danielle & Miss Courtney N!


"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
1st Overall Petite Novice Large Group Overall
Choreography by Miss Kelly!


1st Overall Novice Junior Solo Winner: Laura Jordao!
Choreography by Miss Casey!

"Walking Papers"
1st Overall Novice Teen Solo Winner: Kaitlyn Lussier!
Choreographed by Miss Casey!


"Spanish Rose"
1st Overall Novice Petite Duet/ Trio Winner
Choreography by Miss Hope!


Molly Marchand
1st Overall Teen Intermediate Solo Winner
Choreography by Miss Hope!

"Like That!"
1st Overall Intermediate Teen Duet/ Trio Winners
Choreographed by Miss Brea!


"Phantom of the Opera"
1st Overall Junior Intermediate Solo Winner: Isla Quintino!
Choreographed by Miss Casey!



I Love Dance
May 7th, 2022 - Boston, MA

Isabella Calzone: 1st Place in Category and Top Overall High Score for ages 12-14!!

Emma Cummings: 1st Place in Category, Top Overall High Score for ages 18 and over. Best Musicality Award!!

Rachel Coleman: 1st Place in Category



On Stage America
March 18th - 20th, 2022

Congratulations to all of our dancers who competed at On Stage America!!!
A special shout out to our Mini Team on their very first competition!!

Top Scoring Acro: Chiroptera!
Riley Bryson, Sabrina Cassano, Olivia Dalton, Avery Garrison, Alyssa Gerbrands, Isabella LePardo, Ana Lynch, Kelsie McNeil, Kayla Morrison, Makayla Robinson, Emma Shields, Grace Shields, Kayleigh Bates, Ally Benson, Avery Bryson, Isabella Calzone, Chelsea Cobb, Peyton Fleming, Leticia Marques, Kendyl McNamara, Keagan McNeil, Isla Quintino, Molly Marchand, Gianna Calzone, Taylor Austin, Julia Antetomaso, Olivia Mazzola, Kaylee Tavares

Top Scoring Contemporary: Kayla Morrison!
Tops Scoring Jazz: Isabella Calzone!
Top Scoring Lyrical: Paralyzed! Choreographed by Miss Hope Spect
13 and Over Top Choreography: Past Life! Choreographed by Mr Tommy Tibball

12 and Under Technique Award: Adieu! Choreographed by Miss Courtney d’Oliveira
12 and Under Choreography Award: Seven Little Girls! Choreographed by Miss Danielle
Miss Petite On Stage America: Peyton Fleming





12 & Under Advanced Starstruck Cup Winners and perfect score recipients: “Chiroptera”


Xccelerated 12 & Under Starstruck Cup Winners:
The Portrait!

Xccelerated 13 & Over Starstruck Cup Winners:
Wake Up!


2022 Royal Dance Competition Results






Step Up 2 Dance Results

April 2, 2022
Congratulations to Ally Benson who competed at Step Up 2 Dance!

Ally received 1st in the Open category as well as 2nd Overall out of all competitive solos! In the Overalls, Ally placed 9th out of all 9-10 yr old solos including advanced, competitive & novice!!

boston area dance studios



Dance Masters 22

Isabella Calzone and Kendyl McNamara

Dance Masters

Isabella (left) received a first place ballet scholarship and 1st Runner Up Miss Junior DMA!
Kendyl (right) received first place acrobatics scholarship and 2nd Runner Up Miss Junior DMA!

boston area dance studios

Starbound Results



boston area dance studiosdance school in boston

Our Open Line Routine “Chiroptera” choreographed by Miss Hope received a highly prestigious PERFECT SCORE and 1st place overall in its category!

Elite Dance Challenge Results

Elite Dance Results

Elite Dance Results

Elite Dance Challenge Nationals Winners

Peyton Fleming
Miss Mini Elite Emerging Artist 2021
Little Pro Special Judges Award

dance school in boston

Peyton Fleming

Isabella Calzone
Miss Young Elite Emerging Artists
 dance school in boston

Isabella Calzone



Isabella LePardo
Miss Teen Elite Emerging Artist
 dance school in boston

Peyton Fleming

Hannah Doherty
Highest Scoring Advanced Solo Routine in the National Elite Dance Off 2021

dance school in boston

Isabella Calzone






1-2-3 We Are MDG!

take ballet lessons in Massachusetts
 NATIONALS 2021 - Cape May, NJtake tap lessons in Massachusetts

Elite Dance Challenge

Congratulations to all of our dancers who competed at Elite Dance Challenge held in Cape May in July! What an amazing way to end the year! With this competition being our first one of the year without block scheduling, your teachers and Director couldn’t be more proud of all you have accomplished!


Starpower Nationals - 2021

learn point and ballet

learn tap and hip hop in MA

Congratulations to our MDG dancers who competed at the Starpower Nationals, June 28th, 2021!
Out of 250 Advanced Senior solos, Hannah Doherty placed 8th overall!

boston area dance studios

Emma Cummings received 1st in her category, a special talent camp scholarship, and 14th overall!

boston area dance studios

competitoni dance teams We are so proud of you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! tap dance in Massachusetts


Turn It Up Dance Challenge
Derry, NH - 2021

dance schools near boston

gymnastics gym Massachusetts

We are overwhelmed with excitement & SO HONORED to have received the highly prestigious
gymnastics gym Massachusetts ADCC STUDIO OF EXCELLENCE AWARD!!!! gymnastics gym Massachusetts


McKeon Dance & Gymnastics also received THREE Dance Industry Award Nominations!
What a way to end our regional season!!!! GO MDG!

gymnastics gym Massachusettsgymnastics gym Massachusettsgymnastics gym Massachusetts

Competition team winners
dance team winners
MA dance teams
gymnastics gym Massachusetts
lyrical team dance winner
ballet team dance winners
jazz tgeam dance winners
tap team dance winners



Revel - 2021

popular dance studios Massachusetts Congratulations to our MDG dancers who attended Revel Dance Convention, May 22 - 23, 2021!!! gymnastics gym Massachusetts

Isabella Calzone, Kayla Morrison, & Alyssa Gerbrands were chosen to perform in the virtual showcase! Kayla for hip hop and Alyssa & Isabella for Broadway!! Isabella received a 1/2 scholarship!
Kayla competed her contemporary solo “Stalker” and was awarded 8th overall!

Kayla also received an unlimited scholarship, and this is only awarded to one dancer in each room!!

where to dance in Massachusetts



Work It Dance Challenge
Worcester, MA - 2021



dance title winner

learn to dance DANCE TITLE WINNER!!! gymnastics gym Massachusetts
First Place Junior Intermediate Overall Solo


Massachusetts tap and ballet dance studio DANCE TITLE WINNER!!! Massachusetts lyrical dance studio
First Place Petite Advanced Overall Solo


Massachusetts ballet studio DANCE TITLE WINNER!!! Massachusetts tap studio
First Place Teen Intermediate Overall Solo


gymnastics gym MassachusettsDANCE TITLE WINNER!!! Massachusetts dance studios
First Place Senior Advanced Overall Solo
Advanced Division Winner

dance team winner MA



gymnastics gym MassachusettsIntermediate Division Winner!!!dance teams in Massachusetts
First Place Petite Intermediate Overall Solo




Elite Dance Challenge - 2021

dancing schools Massachusetts

gymnastics gym MassachusettsCongratulations to all of our MDG dancers who competed at Elite Dance Challenge held in Sturbridge, MA!!!!! gymnastics gym Massachusetts
It was a great weekend filled with amazing talent!!!

Thank you Elite Dance Challenge!!!

gymnastics gym Massachusetts

elite dance
elite dance teams
world champions dance
dance and gym champions
dance studios in MA



The Royal Dance Competition

dance teams in NY
NY dance teams
dance competitions
win dance competitions




On Stage America

NY dance teams

new york dance teams

Emma Cummings
1st place Senior solo & Miss Onstage America

dance competition dancers
Isabella Calzone
1st place Junior Intermediate solo


Dance Masters of New England - 2021

competition dance
"Hallelujah" -
Top scoring 15-16 yr old Large Group


winning dance teams

"Leave a Light on"
Top scoring 15-16 small group
Top scoring 13 & over Advanced Group in regards to performance, choreography, and technique.

winning gymnastics teams
"Heart Will Go On"
Peyton Fleming
Top scoring 12 & Under Recreational Group/Solo


Congratulations to Emma and Kayla

Emma Cummings and Kayla Morrison who competed their solos at Headliners!
Emma took First Place, Top Overall Senior Solo!
Kayla took Fourth Place, Top Overall Teen Solo and earned a special judges choice award “Full Throttle”!

emma kay dance gym



Starquest winners
Starquest nathalia
Natalia Lee -
Elite Senior Dancer!

Sabrina Cassano -
Elite Teen Dancer!

Starquest kay
Kayla Morrison -
Advanced Teen Top Overall Solo
Starquest hannah
Hannah Doherty -
Advanced Senior Top Overall Solo


Starquest keagan
Keagan McNeil -
Advanced Junior Top Overall Solo

Emma Cummings, Hannah Doherty, Alaina Gobbi, Natalia Lee, Kayla Morrison, Kelsie McNeil and Jada Spect

Leave A Light On - Advanced Senior Top Overall Small Group


keagan and avery

Keagan McNeil & Avery Bryson -
Advanced Petite Top Overall Duet/Trio


top overall gymnastics group
Sabrina Cassano & Ana Lynch
Advanced Teen Top Overall Duet/Trio

learn cartwheels in MA
Advanced Teen Top Overall Small Group
Kayla Morrison, Kelsie McNeil, Riley Bryson, Avery Garrison, Ana Lynch, Leticia DaSilva and Grace Shields


play to win in MA
Hannah Doherty & Emma Cummings -
Advanced Senior Top Overall Duet/Trio

Hannah Doherty
First Place Overall Advance Senior Solo!

learn gym and dance Massachusetts

Congratulations to Alaina Gobbi and Hannah Doherty!

alaina and hannah starbound winner

Alaina and Hannah each received Golden Tickets to the opening number at Starbound National Talent Competition and Scholarships to attend the new and exciting convention, Ignite Dance Live, which provides a world-class faculty!



learn gymnastics in Boston

Congratulations to everyone who attended the Diva Dance Competition where their mission is to provide an educational and inspirational dance competition experience to dancers on the East Coast!

gymnastics teens Massachusetts February 5 - 7, 2021 in Milford, MA gymnastics girls Massachusetts

gymnastics boys

Congratulations to Our Diva Dance Winners

 Diva Dance Competition Regional Intermediate Petite Title Winner 
gymnastics teams who compete
Peyton Fleming

Massachusetts gymnastics centersSpecial Judges Choice Award: “Excellence Award”
Massachusetts gymsIntermediate Petite First Place Overall!

gymnastics gyms of Boston Massachusetts

Pure Entertainment and First Place Novice Petite Overall Solo Award Winner!!!

Gianna Calzone

gymnastics gym MassachusettsSpecial Judges Choice Award:
“Go For It With Style!”
gym and dance studios MassachusettsAdvanced Junior Overall Solo Award Winner
gymnastics of MassachusettsFifth Place!
Isabella Calzone

gymnastics in Boston MassachusettsIntermediate Petite Solo Second Place Overall Award Winner!!

gymnastics gym MassachusettsNovice Junior Solo Third Place Overall Award Winner!!

gymnastics gym Massachusetts
Taylor Austin

gymnastics gyms in MassachusettsIntermediate Junior Solo Third Place Overall Award Winner!!

gymnastics studio gym Massachusetts
Alyssa Gerbrands

gymnastics team gym Massachusetts

 February 22 - 23, 2020
Milford, MA

Congratulations to “Fall On Me” Choreographed by Courtney d’Oliveira!
gymnastics competition gym Massachusetts1st place overall and a Choreography Award!!

gymnastics gym Massachusetts
Ana Julia Candida, Emma Shields, Emma Cummings, Brooke Hill, Sabrina Casano

This routine also received a bid to compete at the Global Dance Championship in Las Vegas where they will have an opportunity to compete among many talented studios from around the world! What an honor!

gymnastics gym Massachusetts



Ana Julia Candida - Heart of Gold Dancer

Ana Julia Candida
gymnastics gym Massachusetts4th Place Teen/Sr Overall, Special Judges Choice Award: "Super Strength"

Chosen as a Heart of Gold Dancer!

A Heart of Gold dancer is a prestigious award presented at partnering dance competitions and dance conventions across the nation. Judges are looking for dancers who show the most heart, soul and passion in their performances. The Heart of Gold Award is part of IDance4aCure. This amazing organization is dedicated to raising awareness and funds in the fight against childhood cancer. Since being established in 2013, IDance4aCure has contributed over $200,000 to directly fund cutting edge research at children's hospitals across the globe. IDance4aCure is committed to raising $1 million for childhood cancer research while uniting the dance world, educating and empowering a new generation of childhood cancer advocates.



Congratulations to Emma Cummings

Emma Cummings

Emma Cummings

gymnastics gym Massachusetts4th Place Sr Overall gymnastics gym Massachusetts

Chosen for Turn It Up's National Dance Team!!!