Our Mission


McKeon Dance and Gymnastic Center’s mission is to create a high standard of excellence in the dance and gymnastics community. For over 80 years, our commitment has been to exceed not only our standards, but also the standards of all those who choose to be part of the McKeon family.

Our reputation for inspiring young people is what we do best. This is the primary reason for our success and continues to be our reason to bring the best that our industry has to offer to our students. Our teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for dance and gymnastics, while building self-esteem and confidence in every child. McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center brings you highly qualified and experienced dance and gymnastics instructors who share their passion and expertise.

Our goal and commitment to our students is teaching and embracing the values of how discipline and hard work build strong dancers and gymnasts. We believe that encouragement and positive reinforcement are essential for growth and development of our students. This approach gives our students the best chance for success in their future endeavors. We will continue to strive for excellence, creating an environment where all students can reach their personal best.

On behalf of the faculty and friends at McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center we welcome you!

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