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mckeons dance studioDance Competition Results




April 28-29th
Worcester, MA

Clean Routine Award: Suess
On Fire Award: 3 Bad Brothers
Commitment Award: Ballroom Blitz
Excellence Award: Armies in Heaven
Most Entertaining Routine of the Day: Say Yes to the Dress!
Amazingly brilliant award: IT!
Amazing Teacher Award: Edge of Heaven choreographed by Miss Kelly
The Bruno Award: Bruno Mix
Prop Master Award: Mckeon Dance and Gymnastics Prop Parents!!!!!
Entertaining & Fun: Hide and Seek
Energy Award: Hand Jive
Will Be Famous Award: Thiago Pacheco
Presentation Award: How Does a Moment Last Forever
Choreography Award: We Can’t Go Back choreography by Tommy Tibball
Marry Me Award: Say Yes to the Dress!
Journey Award: Stolen!
Royalty Award: IT!

National Scholarships: Lexi Carroll, Edge of Heaven
Best Friends, Powderpuff Girls, Accapella


13 & Over Photogenic Winner:

Highest Score 12 & under Competitive Group
Highest score 13 & Over Competitive Solo
Highest Score 13 & Over Duet/ Trio

13 & Over Highest Scoring Competitive Small Group:
MSA Talent Agency Recipient:

Novice Petite Solo Overall
5th: Leticia Marques
4th: Alyssa Gerbrands

3rd: Chelsea Cobb
2nd: Isabella Calzone

1st: Lexi Carroll

Novice Junior Solo Overall
3rd: Wesley Mckeon
1st: Devyn Favreau

Intermediate Junior Solo Overall
5th: Maria Ramos
4th: Aly Towel

3rd: Avery Garrison
2nd: Kennedy McCoey
1st: Amanda Correia

Intermediate Teen Solo Overall
5th: Jasmine Floyd

3rd: Gianna Weed

2nd: Brianna Robidoux

Competitive Junior Solo Overall
8th: Kelsie McNeil
7th: Kaydence Foster
6th: Riley Bryson
5th: Emma Shields
3rd: Kayla Morrison

Competitive Teen Solo Overall
8th: Hannah Doherty
6th: Natalia Lee
5th: Sarah Boucher
3rd: Brooke Hill
1st: Thiago Pacheco

Competitive Senior Solo Overall
6th: Charlotte Beadrout
3rd: Hannah Smith
2nd: Jordan Remillard
1st: Julia Hall

Novice Petite Duet/ Trio Overall
3rd: Charlotte Foley/ Abigail Watkins/ Avery Bryson
2nd: Lexi Carroll/ Alyssa Gerbrands

Novice Junior Duet/ Trio
2nd: Colton Stevens/ Mateo Vernon/ Tommy Lynch

Intermediate Junior Duet/ Trio
3rd: Grace Shields/ Ana Julia Candida
2nd: Colton Stevens/ Amanda Correia

1st: Kaydence Foster/ Kennedy McCoey/ Leticia DaSilva

Competitive Junior Duet/ Trio
3rd: Kayla Morrison/ Riley Bryson/ Alexis Chong
2nd: Kelsie McNeil/ Avery Garrison

Competitive Teen Duet/ Trio
3rd: Alaina Gobbi/ Emma Cummings/ Hannah Doherty

1st: Laina Cleaves/ Thiago Pacheco

Competitive Senior Duet/ Trio
2nd: Charlotte Beadrout/ Ashley Round
1st: Julia Hall/ Hannah Smith

Novice Petite Small Group
3rd: Rosie

2nd: Swing Sweet Pussycat

1st: Edge of Heaven

Novice Petite Large Group
3rd: River
2nd: Twinkle Twinkle

1st: Suess

Novice Petite Line Overall
1st: Say Yes To The Dress

Novice Junior Small Group
1st: Hollywood Wiz

Novice Junior Large Group
2nd: Hand Jive
1st: Rich Girl

Novice Junior Line
1st: Hide and Seek

Novice Teen Large Group
2nd: Dear World
1st: Black and Gold

Intermediate Junior Small Group
2nd: Legs

1st: Sorority

Intermediate Junior Large Groups
3rd: How Does a Moment Last Forever

2nd: Chocolate
1st: Best Friends

Intermediate Junior Line
1st: Bruno Mix

Intermediate Teen Small Group Overall
3rd: Stilhead
1st: Come Home

Intermediate Teen Large Group
1st: Accapella

Competitive Junior Small Group
3rd: Perm
2nd: Ballroom Blitz
1st: Shipwreck

Competitive Junior Large Group
1st: I am Blessed

Competitive Teen Small Group Overall
6th: This is Not the End
4th: Bring on the Men
3rd: Blindsided
2nd: Rush Hour
1st: Stolen

Competitive Teen Large Group
3rd: Out to Sea
2nd: Run to You
1st: Armies in Heaven

Competitive Teen Line
3rd: Prohibition
1st: IT

Competitive Senior Small Group
2nd: Goddesses


March 23-24th Springfield, MA

Terrific Tap Award: Girl Power Award:
Riley Bryson Powerpuff Girls
Mystique Award: Clark Kent Award:
Leticia Marques Wesley McKeon
Tippy Toe Award: Versatility Award:
Sabrina Baun Kayla Morrison
Future Ballerinas Award: Stare Down Award:
Edge of Heaven Best Friends
Impact Performance Award: 24 Karat Award:
Thiago Pacheco Bruno Mix
Iron Woman Award: Tap Lords Award:
Julia Hall Brooke Hill
All The Legs Award: Star Quality in Acrobatics:
Natalia Lee McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center

Intermediate Powerhouse Performance Award 12 & Under:
I am Blessed
Advanced Powerhouse Award 13 & Over:

Mini Miss Starstruck
Chelsea Cobb

Little Miss Starstruck
Kaydence Foster

Teen Miss Starstruck
Laina Cleaves

Teen Mr Starstruck
Thiago Pacheco

Senior Miss Starstruck
Brooke Hill

Primary Starstruck Cup Winner 12 & Under:
Swing Sweet Pussycat: Choreography by Miss Courtney
Intermediate Starstruck Cup Winner 12 & Under:
I am Blessed: Choreography by Miss Hope

Intermediate Starstruck Cup Winner 13 & Over:
Come Home: Choreography by Miss Casey

Intermediate 13 & Over Choreography Award:
Come Home

Highest Scoring Teen Solo of the Entire Competition:
Thiago Pacheco

Primary Mini/Petite Solo Overall
9th Charlotte Tek
8th Devyn Favreau
5th Lexi Carroll
3rd Leticia Marques

2nd Isabella Calzone
Primary Junior Solo Overall
3rd Wesley Mckeon
2nd Isabella Lepardo
1st Mateo Vernon

Intermediate Petite Solo Overall
5th Maria Ramos
3rd Alyanna Towle

1st Kennedy McCoey

Intermediate Junior Solo Overall
8th Grace Shields
7th Bella Randall
3rd Leticia DaSilva
2nd Amanda Correia

1st Olivia Dalton

Intermediate Teen Solo Overall
9th Gianna Weed
5th Brianna Robidoux
4th Alexis Chong

Advanced Mini/Petite Solo Overall

1st Chelsea Cobb

Advanced Junior Solo Overall
6th Riley Bryson
4th Kelsie McNeil
3rd Kayla Morrison
2nd Emma Shields

Advanced Teen Solo Overall Female
6th Emma Cummings
4th Hannah Doherty
3rd Natalia Lee
2nd Alaina Gobbi
1st Laina Cleaves

Advanced Teen Solo Overall Male
1st Thiago Pacheco

Advanced Senior Solo Overall
14th Paige Garrison
12th Jordan Remillard
11th Ashley Round
10th Katie Washburn
9th Charlotte Beadrot
6th Hannah Smith
4th Julia Hall
3rd Sarah Boucher
1st Brooke Hill

Primary Petite Duet/Trio Overall
5th Alyssa Gerbrands/ Lexi Carroll

4th Charlotte Foley/ Abigail Walkins/ Avery Bryson

Primary Junior Duet/ Trio Overall

1st Colton Stevens/ Tommy Lynch/ Mateo Vernon
Intermediate Petite Duet/ Trio Overall
3rd Alyssa Gerbrands/ Olivia Dalton
1st Kaydence Foster/ Kennedy McCoey/ Leticia DaSilva
Intermediate Junior Duet/ Trio Overall
2nd Colton Stevens/ Amanda Correia

1st Ana Julia Candida/ Grace Shields
Advanced Junior Duet/ Trio Overall
3rd Kayla Morrison/ Riley Bryson/ Alexis Chong
2nd Avery Garrison/ Kelsie McNeil

1st Grace & Emma Shields
Advanced Teen Duet/ Trio Overall
3rd Emma Cummings/ Hannah Doherty/ Alaina Gobbi

1st Thiago Pacheco/ Laina Cleaves
Advanced Senior Duet/ Trio Overall
2nd Charlotte Beaudrot/ Ashley Round

1st Julia Hall/Hannah Smith

Primary Petite Small Group
7th Journey To The Past
6th Hollywood Wiz

4th Rosie
3rd I’ve Got Rhythm
2nd Edge of Heaven
1st Swing Sweet Pussycat
Primary Junior Small Group
2nd Transformers
1st New York, New York
Intermediate Petite Small Group
2nd Sorority
1st Legs

Intermediate Teen Small Group
3rd Stilhead
1st Come Home

Advanced Junior Small Group
6th Me and My Girls
5th Ballroom
4th Shipwreck
2nd Perm

Advanced Teen Small Group
8th Stolen
7th Bring on the Men
6th Goddesses
3rd Rush Hour

2nd Blindsided
Advanced Senior Small Group

1st This is Not the End

Primary Petite Large Group
7th Rich Girl
6th Hand Jive
5th See Ya Later Alligator
4th Suess
3rd Twinkle Twinkle
2nd River

1st Say Yes to the Dress
Primary Teen Large Group
2nd Dear World

1st Black and Gold

Intermediate Junior Large Group
4th How Does a moment last forever
3rd Chocolate
2nd Best Friends
1st I am Blessed

Advanced Teen Large Group
10th Acapella
5th Prohibition
3rd Armies in Heaven
2nd Run to You
1st Out to Sea

Primary Junior Line/ Production
2nd Hide and Seek

1st Bruno Mix
Advanced Teen Line/ Production
1st IT

First Place Champions in their category!!
Gianna Weed
Katie Washburn
Emma Cummings
Julia Hall
Thiago Pacheco
Jordan Remillard
Brooke Hill
Alaina Gobbi
Alexis Chong

Technical Excellence:


Caribbean Cruise Winner:

13 & Over Choreography Award:

Sassy Sophistication:
Bring on the Men

#squadgoals Full Package:
Best Friends

Powerhouse Award:
Jordan Remillard

Teen Mr OnStage America
Thaigo Pacheco

Senior Miss OnStage America
Brooke Hill

Novice Petite Solos Overall:
4RU Chelsea Cobb
3RU Alyssa Gerbrands
2RU Charlotte Tek
1RU Isabella Calzone

1ST Place Leticia Marques

Novice Junior Solos Overall:
3RU Devyn Favreau
2RU Isabella Lepardo
1RU Wesley McKeon

1ST Place Mateo Vernon

Intermediate Junior Solos Overall:
4RU Olivia Dalton
3RU Kennedy McCooey
2RU Avery Garrison
1RU Leticia DaSilva

1ST Place Amanda Correia

Intermediate Teen Solos Overall:
7RU Colton Stevens
5RU Alexis Chong
4RU Jasmine Floyd
3RU Brianna Robidoux
2RU Gianna Weed

Advanced Junior Solos Overall:
6RU Riley Bryson
5RU Emma Shields
3RU Kayla Morrison
2RU Kelsie McNeil
1RU Kaydence Foster

Advanced Teen Solos Overall:
7RU Emma Cummings
6RU Alaina Gobbi
5RU Natalia Lee
4RU Hannah Doherty
3RU Laina Cleaves
1ST Place Thiago Pacheco

Advanced Senior Solo Overall:
7RU Jordan Remillard
9RU Paige Garrison
5RU Hannah Smith
2RU Charlotte Beadrot
1RU Julia Hall
1st Place Brooke Hill

Novice Petite Duet/Trio Overall:
1RU Charlotte Foley, Abigail Watkins, Avery Bryson

1ST Place Lexi Carroll, Alyssa Gerbrands

Intermediate Junior Duet/Trio Overall:
4RU Mateo Vernon, Colton Stevens, Tommy Lynch
3RU Alyssa Gerbrands, Olivia Dalton
2RU Grace Shields, Ana Julia Candida
1RU Kaydence Foster, Kennedy McCooey, Leticia DaSilva

1ST Place Amanda Corriea, Colton Stevens

Advanced Junior Duet/Trio Overall:
4RU Alexis Chong, Kayla Morrison, Riley Bryson
1RU Avery Garrison, Kelsie McNeil
Advanced Teen Duet/Trio Overall:
2RU Emma Cummings, Hannah Doherty, Alaina Gobbi

1ST Place Laina Cleaves, Thiago Pacheco

Advanced Senior Duet/ Trio Overall:
2RU Julia Hall/ Hannah Smith

1st Place Charlotte Beaudrot/ Ashley Round

Novice Petite Small Group Overall:
4RU Rosie

2RU Edge of Heaven
1RU I’ve Got Rhythm

1ST Place Swing Sweet Pussy Cat

Novice Junior Small Group Overall:
1 RU: Transformers
1st Place: Hollywood Wiz

Intermediate Junior Small Group Overall:
1RU Sorority Girls
1st Place Legs

Intermediate Teen Small Group Overall:
1RU Stilhead
1st Place Come Home

Advanced Junior Small Group Overall:
3RU Me and My Girls
2RU Ballroom Blitz
1RU Shipwreck
1st Place Perm

Advanced Teen Small Group Overall:
1RU Bring on the Men

Advanced Senior Small Group Overall:
5RU Rush Hour
3RU Stolen
2RU Goddesses
1RU Blindsided
1st Place This is Not the End

Novice Petite Large Group Overall:
4RU See You Later Alligator
3RU Twinkle Twinkle
2RU River
1RU Seuss

1ST Place Say Yes To The Dress

Intermediate Junior Large Group Overall:
3RU Chocolatte’

2RU How Does a Moment Last Forever
1RU Best Friends
1st Place I Am Blessed

Intermediate Teen Large Group Overall:
1st Place Acapella
Advanced Teen Large Group Overall:
3RU Prohibition
1st Place Armies in Heaven

Advanced Senior Large Group Overall:
1RU Run to You
1st Place Out to Sea
Novice Junior Line Overall :

1st Place Bruno Mix
Intermediate Junior Line Overall:
1st Place Hide and Seek

Advanced Teen Line Overall:
1st Place IT



March 2-4th

Greenwich RI 2018:

McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center!!!

National Opening Number Invitations
Amanda Correia, Leticia DaSilva, Avery Garrison, Thiago Pacheco,
Alaina Gobbi, Laina Cleaves

Broadway Bound:
Maria Ramos

Great Execution:
Kayla Morrison, Kelsie McNeil

Ambition Workshop Scholarship:
Kaydence Foster, Katie Washburn, Emma Cummings

Sabrina Baun

So Cute and Entertaining:
Say Yes to the Dress

Kennedy McCooey


This is Not the End

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Award:
Alaina Gobbi

Great execution:
Sarah Boucher

Brilliant Story Telling:
Charlotte Beadrot

Brooke Hill

2018 Senior Miss World Class Talent Experience:

Laina Cleaves

2nd runner up Senior Miss: Emma Cummings

Recreational Petite Solo Overall
4th: Alyssa Gerbrands
3rd: Isabella Calzone
1st: Charlotte Tek

Recreational Junior Solo Overall
3rd: Isabella LaPardo
2nd: Wesley Mckeon
1st: Maria Ramos

Recreational Teen Solo Overall

1st: Mateo Vernon

World Junior Solo Overall
9th: Bella Randall
8th: Kennedy McCooey
7th: Grace Shields

6th: Olivia Dalton
5th Alyanna Towle
3rd: Avery Garrison
2nd: Leticia DaSilva
1st: Amanda Correira

World Teen Solo Overall
9th: Colton Stevens
6th: Brianna Robidoux
4th: Riley Bryson
3rd: Gianna Weed
2nd: Emma Shields
1st: Alexis Chong

World Senior Solo Overall
2nd: Jasmine Floyd

Class Junior Solo Overall
9th: Kelsie McNeil
7th: Kayla Morrison

5th: Kaydence Foster

Class Teen Solo Overall
5th: Hannah Doherty
3rd: Alaina Gobbi

1st: Thiago Pacheco

Class Senior Solo Overall
9th: Charlotte Beadrot
6th: Emma Cummings

4th: Natalia Lee
2nd: Brooke Hill
1st: Laina Cleaves

Recreational Petite Duet/ Trio Overall

1st: We Share Everything

Lexi Carroll, Alyssa Gerbrands

World Junior Duet/ Trio Overall
5th: The Roof Is On Fire
Olivia Dalton, Alyssa Gerbrands
2nd: Cat & Mouse
Amanda Correia, Colton Stevens

1st: Powerpuff Girls
Kaydence Foster, Kennedy McCooey, Leticia DaSilva

World Teen Duet/ Trio Overall
1st: L.O.V.E.
Kayla Morrison, Alexis Chong, Riley Bryson

Class Junior Duet/ Trio Overall
1st: I Can’t Do It Alone

Kelsey McNeil, Avery Garrison

Class Teen Duet/ Trio Overall
3rd: Fallin
Emma Cummings, Alaina Gobbi, Hannah Doherty

1st: We Can’t Go Back
Laina Cleaves, Thaigo Pacheco

Class Senior Duet/ Trio
2nd; Did She Run Away
Ashley Round, Charlotte Beaudrot

1st: Mother
Hannah Smith, Julia Hall

Recreational Petite Small Group Overall
3rd: Swing Sweet Pussycat
2nd: Edge of Heaven
1st: Rosie

Recreational Junior Small Group
3rd: New York, New York

World Petite Small Group
2nd: I’ve Got Rhythm
1st: Hollywood Wiz

World Junior Small Group Overall
3rd: Sorority
2nd: Legs
1st: Shipwreck

World Teen Small Group Overall

1st: Stilhead

Class Junior Small Group Overall
9th: Perm
7th: Ballroom Blitz
5th: Me and My Girls

Class Senior Small Group
10th: Goddesses
6th: Rush Hour
4th: Bring on the Men
3rd: Stolen
2nd: This is not the End
1st: Blindsided

Recreational Petite Large Group
2nd: Say Yes to the Dress

Recreational Junior Large Group
1st: Hand Jive

Recreational Teen Large Group Overall

1st: Dear World

World Petite Large Group
1st: Suess

World Junior Large Group Overall
3rd: Chocolate
2nd: How Does a Moment Last Forever
1st: I am Blessed

World Teen Large Group Overall
1st: Happy

Class Senior Large Group Overall
5th: Run to You
3rd: Armies in Heaven
2nd: Prohibition
1st: Out to Sea

World Junior Line Overall
1st: Hide & Seek

Class Teen Line Overall)

1st: It



Lowell Memorial Auditorium
February 2-4th

Special Judges Awards

"OOZING POTENTIAL" - Kaydence Foster!

Hollywood Summer Tour Scholarships awarded to.....

Emma Shields, Kayla Morrison, Amanda Corriea, Leticia DaSilva, Kaydence Foster!

Dance Team Invitations awarded to.....

Amanda Correia, Leticia DaSilva, Kaydence Foster, Avery Garrison, Kennedy McCooey, Maria Ramos,
Alyana Towle, Olivia Dalton, Alexis Chong, Kayla Morrison, Kelsie McNeil, Colton Stevens,
Grace Shields, Ballroom Blitz & Perm!!

2018 Broadway Dance Dreams Scholarship awarded to.....


Overall Highest Scoring Routine for all Recreational Solos/Duets/Trios.....

Leticia Marques!!

Overall Highest Scoring Routine for all Intermediate Solos/Duets/Trios.....

Amanda Corriea!!

Overall Highest Scoring Routine for all Intermediate Groups, Lines & Productions 12 & Under....


Top Overall Recreational Solo- Mini

1st Place: Leticia Marques

2nd Place: Alyssa Gerbrands

3rd Place: Chelsea Cobb
4th Place: Lexi Carroll
5th Place: Isabella Calzone
6th Place: Charlotte Tek

Top Overall Recreational Solo- Young

1st Place: Mateo Vernon

2nd Place: Isabella LePardo
4th Place: Devyn Favreau

Top Overall Intermediate Solo- Young

1st Place: Amanda Correira
2nd Place: Kaydence Foster
3rd Place: Leticia DaSilva
4th Place: Avery Garrison
5th Place: Grace Shields
6th Place: Alyana Towle
7th Place: Olivia Dalton
8th Place: Kennedy McCooey
9th Place: Maria Ramos
10th Place: Isabella Randall

Top Overall Competitive Solo- Young

2nd Place: Kayla Morrison
6th Place: Emma Shields
7th Place: Riley Bryson
10th Place: Kelsie McNeil

Top Overall Intermediate Solos - Teen

1st Place: Alexis Chong
2nd Place: Colton Stevens

Top Overall Recreational Duet/Trio- Mini

1st Place: Alyssa Gerbrands/Lexi Carroll

Top Overall Intermediate Duet/Trio- Young

1st Place: Kayla Morrison/Alexis Chong/Riley Bryson

2nd Place: Kaydence Foster/Kennedy McCooey/Leticia DaSilva
3rd Place: Colton Stevens/Amanda Correia
4th Place: Grace Shields/Ana Julia Candida

Top Overall Competitive Duet/Trio- Young

2nd Place: Avery Garrison/Kelsie McNeil

Top Overall Intermediate Small Groups- Young

1st Place: Shipwreck
2nd Place: Perm

Top Overall Competitive Small Groups- Young

3rd Place: Ballroom Blitz



Worcester State University
January 26-28th

Special Judges Awards:


"LIVED IN THE MOMENT" - Laina Cleaves!
"BREATH OF FRESH AIR" - Kaydence Foster!
"TOTAL COMMITMENT AWARD" - Julia Hall/Hannah Smith
"FOR LOVE OF LEGS AND FEET" - Katie Washburn

"TOTAL PACKAGE" - Jordan Remillard
"YOU WOW ME" - Julia Hall

Top Overall Broadway Solo- Child

2nd Place: Kaydence Foster

Top Overall Broadway Solos- Age 14

3rd Place: Hannah Doherty

4th Place: Natalia Lee
10th Place: Alaina Gobbi

Top Overall Broadway Solos- Age 15

2nd Place: Laina Cleaves

4th Place: Emma Cummings

Top Overall Broadway Solos- Senior

5th Place: Charlotte Beaudrot

8th Place: Jordan Remillard/Julia Hall (tie)
10th Place: Brooke Hill

Top Overall Broadway Senior Duets:

1st Place: "Mother"- Julia Hall/Hannah Smith

4th Place: "Did She Run Away?" - Ashley Round/Charlotte Beaudrot

Top Overall Broadway Teen Small Groups

1st Place: Rush Hour

2nd Place: Bring On The Men

Top Overall Broadway Senior Small Groups

1st Place: This Is Not The End



We are so proud to have been awarded.......


Achievement and Distinction Awards

Technical Achievement - Amanda Corriea

World Class Distinction - Kaydence Foster

World Class Distinction - Hannah Winship

World Class Distinction - Heavenly Father

Technical Achievement - Natalia Lee & Cassidy Baratta

World Class Distinction - Hannah Winship & Laina Cleaves


Kaydence Foster
Petite Miss World Class Talent

Thiago Pacheco
Teen Mr World Class Talent

Special Judges Choice Awards

"Style & Class" - Riley Bryson

"Broadway Rockette" - Gina Wilke

"Committed To The Music" - Jasmine Floyd

"Covered The Ground" - Alexis Cabral

"Passion & Heat" - Brooke Hill

"Taking Risks" - Julia Hall

"Classic Jazz" - Natalia Lee

"Bravery" - Maria Ramos

"Tight, Clean & High Energy" - Salute

"Pure Joy" - Katie & Cassidy Baratta

"Chemistry Award" - Laina Cleaves & Thiago Pacheco

Ambition Scholarships

Lauren Gobbi
Avery Garrison

Outstanding Costume

Emma Shields
Cassidy Baratta

Life Of The Show

Colton Stevens
90's Remix

Petite/Junior Photogenic Teen/Senior Photogenic

Ana Lynch

Gina Wilke



Recreational/World 11 and Under

Amanda Corriea
Recreational/World 11 and Under

Amanda Corriea & Leticia DaSilva

Recreational/World 11 and Under Small Groups:

Winner - 90's Remix
Adam Doran, Miles Quintino, Wesley McKeon, Colton Stevens, Nicholas Chong, Liam Shields, Tommy Lynch

Recreational/World 11 and Under Large Group/Line/Productions:
Winner - Speed Racer
Emma Shields, Maria Ramos, Alexis Chong, Ana Julia Candida, Casey Sherman, Grace Shields, Riley Bryson, Amanda Correia, Avery Garrison, Colton Stevens, Leticia DaSilva, Wesley McKeon, Kaydence Foster, Bella Randall

Class 11 and Under Solos:
Winner - Kaydence Foster

Class 11 and Under Duet/Trios:

Winner - Kaydence Foster & Aly Towle
Class 12 and Over Solos:

Winner - Hannah Winship

Class 12 and Over Duet/Trios:

Winner - Hannah Winship & Laina Cleaves

Class 12 and Over Large Groups/Lines/Productions:

Winner - The Huntsman
Aly Towle, Brooke Hill, Emma Cummings, Hannah Casey, Jordan Remillard, Jasmine Floyd, Katie Washburn, Kelsie McNeil, Natalia Lee, Alexa Kaernan, Thiago Pacheco, Alexis Cabral, Avery Garrison, Cassidy Baratta, Emma Shields, Hannah Smith, Julia Hall, Kaydence Foster, Laina Cleaves, Ana Lynch, Brianna Leung, Cat Tierney, Gina Wilke, Bella Randall, Hannah Winship, Katie Baratta, Kayla Morrison, Lauren Gobbi, Sarah Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Amanda Correia


























Recreational Petite Solos:

   Alyssa Gerbrands
3rd Place - Lexi Carroll

World Petite Solos:

4th Place - Aly Towle

Class Petite Solos:

   Kaydence Foster


Junior World Solos:

   Amanda Corriea
5th Place - Riley Bryson

6th Place - Grace Shields
9th Place - Olivia Dalton
10th Place - Bella Randall

Class Junior Solos:

   Kelsie McNeil
3rd Place - Lauren Gobbi

8th Place - Kayla Morrison
10th Place - Ana Lynch

World Teen Solos:

2nd Place - Alexis Cabral
3rd Place - Gina Wilke
7th Place - Alexis Chong
8th Place - Jasmine Floyd
9th Place - Gianna Weed
10th Place - Emma Shields

Teen Class Solos:
    Laina Cleaves
2nd Place - Thiago Pacheco
5th Place - Natalia Lee
9th Place - Emma Cummings

Senior Class Solos:

   Hannah Winship
3rd Place - Brooke Hill

5th Place - Hannah Smith
6th Place - Cassidy Baratta
8th Place - Julia Hall
9th Place - Katie Baratta
























World Petite Small Groups:

Olivia Dalton, Aly Towle, Grace Shields, Amanda Correia, Maria Ramos

2nd Place - Shake The Room
Alyssa Gerbrands, Grace Shields, Amanda Correia, Maria Ramos, Aly Towle, Olivia Dalton

World Junior Duet/Trios:

   Tommy Lynch & Colto Stevens
2nd Place - Alexis Chong & Riley Bryson
3rd Place - Amanda Corriea & Leticia DaSilva

World Junior Small Groups:

    90's Remix
Adam Doran, Miles Quintino, Wesley McKeon, Colton Stevens, Nicholas Chong, Liam Shields, Tommy Lynch

2nd Place - Today's Forecast
Alexis Chong, Emma Shields, Riley Bryson, Bella Randall, Hannah Casey, Casey Sherman, Kaydence Foster

3rd Place - Wild Wild Party
Ana Julia Candida, Maria Ramos, Bella Randall, Aly Towle, Amanda Correia, Leticia DaSilva

4th Place - What I Like About You
Casey Sherman, Grace Shields, Alexis Chong, Colton Stevens, Riley Bryson, Bella Randall

Class Petite Duet/Trios:

    Kaydence Foster & Aly Towle


Class Petite Small Groups:


Aly Towle, Kaydence Foster, Amanda Correia, Grace Shields

Class Junior Duet/Trios:

    Kaydence Foster & Ana Lynch



Class Junior Small Groups:

    Step In Time
Emma Shields, Kelsie McNeil, Avery Garrison, Lauren Gobbi, Colton Stevens, Kayla Morrison, Ana Lynch

2nd Place - Bad To The Bone
Avery Garrison, Lauren Gobbi, Kayla Morrison, Ana Lynch, Kelsie McNeil

3rd Place - Journey
Lauren Gobbi, Emma Shields, Kaydence Foster, Kayla Morrison, Ana Lynch, Avery Garrison, Kelsie McNeil

World Teen Small Groups:

Gina Wilke, Gianna Weed, Kaylee Lukasek, Emma Cummings, Theresa Iafolla, Brianna Robidoux, Jasmine Floyd, Alexis Cabral

2nd Place - Where Have All The Children Gone
Theresa Iafolla, Kaylee Lukasek, Gina Wilke, Alexis Cabral, Gianna Weed, Brianna Robidoux, Jasmine Floyd

4th Place - Widows Of The Sea
Gianna Weed, Theresa Iafolla, Alexis Cabral, Gina Wilke, Kaylee Lukasek, Emma Shields, Brianna Robidoux, Jasmine Floyd

Class Teen Small Groups:

Cassidy Baratta, Jordan Remillard, Natalia Lee, Alaina Gobbi, Hannah Smith, Julia Hall, Brooke Hill, Hannah Winship, Laina Cleaves

2nd Place - Push The Button
Alaina Gobbi, Natalia Lee, Emma Cummings, Paige Garrison, Laina Cleaves, Thiago Pacheco

3rd Place - I Was Here
Cassidy Baratta, Julia Hall, Hannah Smith, Laina Cleaves, Brooke Hill, Hannah Winship, Natalia Lee

5th Place - Women's Work
Charlotte Beaudrot, Alaina Gobbi, Natalia Lee, Laina Cleaves, Paige Garrison, Ashley Round, Emma Cummings, Sarah Boucher

Class Senior Small Groups:

    Heavenly Father
Hannah Smith, Katie Baratta, Brooke Hill, Hannah Winship, Laina Cleaves, Cassidy Baratta, Julia Hall, Natalia Lee

Recreational Petite Large Groups:

   Piggy Bank
Keagan McNeil, Mackenzie Coleman, Sabrina Baun, Charlotte Foley, Isla Quintino, Kendyl McNamara, Nina Pientka, Tessa Ferreira, Abigail Watkins, Chelsea Cobb, Kayleigh Bates, Leticia Marques, Olivia Mazzola, Avery Bryson, Isabella Calzone

World Petite Large Groups:
   Nicer In Nice
Aly Towle, Avery Wood, Charlotte Tek, Maria Ramos, Alyssa Gerbrands, Bridget McKeon, Taylor Austin, Amanda Correia, Grace Shields, Lexi Caroll, Olivia Dalton

World Junior Large Groups:
    Speed Racer
Emma Shields, Maria Ramos, Alexis Chong, Ana Julia Candida, Casey Sherman, Grace Shields, Riley Bryson, Amanda Correia, Avery Garrison, Colton Stevens, Leticia DaSilva, Wesley McKeon, Kaydence Foster, Bella Randall

2nd Place - Bond
Riley Bryson, Aly Towle, Ana Julia Candida, Colton Stevens, Kaydence Foster, Olivia Dalton, Leticia DaSilva, Alyssa Gerbrands, Bella Randall, Grace Shields, Tommy Lynch, Alexis Chong, Lexi Caroll, Amanda Correia, Casey Sherman, Hannah Casey, Wesley McKeon, Maria Ramos

3rd Place - Kiss
Casey Sherman, Grace Shields, Riley Bryson, Ana Julia Candida, Colton Stevens, Hannah Casey, Tommy Lynch, Leticia DaSilva, Alexis Chong, Bella Randall, Emma Shields, Kaydence Foster, Wesley McKeon

Class Junior Large Groups:

    Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Lauren Gobbi, Kaydence Foster, Avery Garrison, Emma Shields, Kelsie McNeil, Thiago Pacheco, Ana Lynch, Hannah Casey, Alexis Chong, Kayla Morrison

World Teen Large Groups:

    Anything Goes

Jasmine Floyd, Alexis Chong, Brianna Robidoux, Gianna Weed, Katie Washburn, Riley Bryson, Alexis Cabral, Emma Shields, Gina Wilke, Kaylee Lukasek, Theresa Iafolla

Class Teen Duet/Trios:

    Laina Cleaves & Thiago Pacheco
2nd Place - Cassidy Baratta & Natalia Lee

Class Teen Large Groups:

4th Place - Boy In The Striped Pajamas
Brooke Hill, Emma Cummings, Katie Baratta, Sarah Boucher, Brianna Leung, Jordan Remillard, Tommy Lynch, Laina Cleaves, Thiago Pacheco, Cassidy Baratta, Julia Hall



Class Teen Lines:

   The Huntsman
Aly Towle, Brooke Hill, Emma Cummings, Hannah Casey, Jordan Remillard, Jasmine Floyd, Katie Washburn, Kelsie McNeil, Natalia Lee, Alexa Kaernan, Thiago Pacheco, Alexis Cabral, Avery Garrison, Cassidy Baratta, Emma Shields, Hannah Smith, Julia Hall, Kaydence Foster, Laina Cleaves, Ana Lynch, Brianna Leung, Cat Tierney, Gina Wilke, Bella Randall, Hannah Winship, Katie Baratta, Kayla Morrison, Lauren Gobbi, Sarah Boucher, Tommy Lynch, Amanda Correia


Class Senior Duet/Trios:

   Hannah Winship & Laina Cleaves

2nd Place - Cassidy & Katie Baratta

Class Senior Large Groups:

   Rivers Till I Reach You
Natalia Lee, Brianna Leung, Alaina Gobbi, Hannah Smith, Katie Baratta, Laina Cleaves, Thiago Pacheco, Katie Washburn, Paige Garrison, Julia Hall, Cassidy Baratta, Emma Cummings, Sarah Boucher, Ashley Round, Charlotte Beaudrot, Jordan Remillard

Class Senior Lines:

Brooke Hill, Brianna Robidoux, Brianna Leung, Alexis Cabral, Sarah Boucher, Thiago Pacheco, Hannah Smith, Theresa Iafolla, Alaina Gobbi, Laina Cleaves, Katie Washburn, Katie Baratta, Cassidy Baratta, Paige Garrison, Natalia Lee, Emma Cummings, Charlotte Beaudrot, Gina Wilke, Ashley Round, Julia Hall



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