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Recital 2018 "50 YEARS Celebrating Moments"

Please read the information provided on this page very thoroughly and carefully. This page will address many of the questions you may have about our upcoming recitals and rehearsals. As always, you can contact Tracy with any questions via e-mail at mckeondanc@aol.com. All accompanying forms are available on this page.

Costumes will be distributed to students and parents as we receive them. Some companies send costumes sooner than others. Please remember that costumes are not needed until picture day and all students will have their costumes by that time. Costume accessories can be ordered at the desk- tights, socks, gloves etc. on the Recital needs order form. Recital Needs Order Form

Matinee Show 12:00 noon
Wed. 4:00 HH / Jazz – Dance Like Your Daddy
Wed. 4:00 Tap – Flip Flap
Wed. 4:30 Tap - Cleaning Up The Town
Wed. 4:30, Sat. 11:30 Ballet – Rainbow Connection
Wed. 5:00, Sat. 9:00 Ballet – A Million Dreams
Wed. 5:00 HH / Jazz – Move Your Feet
Sat. 9:00 Tap – Life Is A Happy Song
Sat. 9:30 Tap – Oogie Woogie Boogie
Sat. 9:30 Ballet – Once Upon A December
Sat. 10:00 HH / Jazz –Life Of The Party
Sat. 10:30 Jazz – Mermaid Party
Sat. 11:00 Tap & Tricks – I Love A Rabbit
Sat. 11:00 Tap – Life Is A Happy Song
Senior Showstoppers
Evening Show 5:00pm
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/ Boys HH Rec/Jr. HH/ JR Showstoppers
Monday 4:30pm HH “Grown”
Mon 5:00 Boys HH
Mon 5:00, Tues 4:00, & Thurs 5:00 Tap “Cleaning Up the Town”
Mon 5:30, Tues 4:30 Ballet “A Million Dreams”
Tues 9:00, Thurs 5:30 Tap “Life’s a Happy Song”
Tues 9:30, Thur 6:00 Ballet “My Magic Tutu”
Tues 10:30 Tap & Tricks “I Wuv a Rabbit”
Tues 4:00, Thur 4:00 Lyrical “Never Enough”
Tues 4:30, Thur 4:30 HH “Dance Like Yo Daddy”
Tues 5:00, Thur 5:30 Jazz “Mermaid Party”
Thur 4:30, Thur 6:30 Ballet “Once Upon a December”
Thur 5:00 Jazz “Move Your Feet”
Thur 6:00 Tap “Oogie Woogie Boogie”

Recital Performance Times
This year, we will have 2 shows on Saturday, June 16th. There is a Matinee Show at 12:00 noon and an Evening Show at 5:00pm. All performances will be held at Horace Mann Middle School, Franklin.
Show order will be released as we get closer to the event.

Dress Rehearsals (Costume Attire) Friday, June 15th
Dress rehearsals provide the performers with an "on-stage," fully-costumed experience that is as close to the actual recital conditions as possible. It also gives the directors an opportunity to arrange the lighting, music, scenery, and backstage assistance in such a way that will not only compliment the performers, but will also result in a well-organized, entertaining recital production. Please Note the following Dress Rehearsal Guidelines:

  1. Each family is allowed one adult escorts. It is not necessary that escorts be parents.
  2. Dressing rooms are available, but are not supervised during the dress rehearsal. Please keep all valuables with you during the rehearsal.
  3. Rehearsal will start promptly at 4:30 PM. Please have your child completely costumed (for first performance)
    and made up at least fifteen minutes before his/her scheduled rehearsal. Lipstick, eye shadow, and rouge
    are essential.
  4. All dancers report to the auditorium and sit in their assigned rows. Schedule will be posted in office.
  5. All performers are free to leave after all their numbers have been completed. Classes are dismissed into the
    auditorium after each routine is completed to go to dressing and change for next number or go home.
  6. Label all parts of your child's costume, including shoes, headpieces, and personal items brought into the
    dressing room.
  7. Pre-attach safety pins to costumes and bobby pins to hats and headpieces. Bring extra pins, tights, and
    bobby pins. Make sure dancers do not wear underwear.
  8. Please ensure that your child has comfortable dance shoes that do not have holes and are of the right type.
    Please sew all elastic closures for ballet shoes.
  9. All performers' hair should be worn in a bun off the face. Bangs should be short enough to see the
    eyebrows. To make a bun, simply follow the steps below:
    a Pull hair back into a ponytail.
    b Twist and wrap hair around the ponytail elastic and secure with bobby pins.
    c Place tight hairnet over bun and secure with bobby pins.
    d Apply gel as needed to keep loose ends back.
    e Secure hats and headpieces as safely and securely as possible. Hairspray on thin hair will keep
    bobby pins in place. Ornamental hair elastics and/or barrettes should not be worn
  10. No jewelry is to be worn during the rehearsal.
  11. Cameras and camcorders may be used during the rehearsal.

Recital -Saturday June 16 – Horace Mann Middle School – Franklin, MA

Recital Rules

  1. Costumes, all straps cross in back. Make an X not a V and secure with pins; Halter tops tie at the neck and pin securely.
  2. Pin Tutu’s
  3. Double check the wall and make sure you have everything. Headpieces, wristlets, gloves, etc.
  4. Do to the fire laws everyone in the audience must be in a seat. Do not stand along the side walls. This year we had to hire
    a fire fighter to monitor each show. If they see anyone standing or sitting anywhere but in a seat he could shut the show
    down. So please tell your family members to remain seated. Mothers you do have to get up and change your child’s
  5. Students sitting in the audience must have their costumes covered.
  6. Tap shoes are NOT to be worn in the audience.
  7. Please remain seated while a number is performing on stage. If you need to change your child wait until the number has
    finished on stage then get up.
  8. **When reentering the auditorium again please wait until the number that is performing on stage is finished. There will
    be a person posted at the door; they will not let you reenter until the number on stage is finished. Please tell your
    family members.
  9. When leaving or entering the auditorium, please just use the back doors.
  10. Do not use the front stage doors or stairs to get back stage
  11. Beepers and cell phone are to be turned off
  12. Videotaping and flash pictures are not allowed.
  13. Be there by 11:30 if you are in the 12 o’clock matinee show. 4:30 if you are in the 5 o’clock show. Go directly to the
    dressing room and change in to your first costume.
  14. Students are to be back stage 6 numbers before their own.
  15. We do have two adults in the dressing room to take care of the kids and bring them to their teachers to line up.
  16. Each kinder number has a trick step in their routine please clap for them. They have been told everyone is going to
  17. Please clap for all numbers. Everyone has worked hard all year for this big day. The smiles this will bring are worth
  18. Many people bring flowers to the students. Please check with your class moms to see what they are doing. You do not
    want your child to be the only one without flowers.
  19. No balloons will be allowed in the auditorium as they will obstruct the vision of those behind you.
  20. Recreational students, Showstoppers and Petites are to change in the Band Room which is directly behind the stage. To
    get there use the corridor to left outside of auditorium. The Band room in just past the stage entrance on the right.
  21. Senior and Junior students will use a class room. If you have I or 2 numbers to quick change use the band room.
    Directions will be posted at dress rehearsal.
  22. This year all of our students will take part in our “50th year finale “Celebrating Moments”. Students will line up back
    stage 6 numbers before the last number

Recital Ticket Sales
Recital ticket pre purchase price is $20.00. Tickets sales will be held on Saturday, May 12th. Matinee show will be
sold 10:00 – 11:30 AM, Evening show will be sold 12:00 – 1:30 PM. Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis
and have assigned seating. Anyone that will be watching the show must have a ticket. Please check and recheck
which show your child is in so correct tickets are purchased. Cash only. All ticket sales are final.
No need to stand in line for tickets. Just fill out a Ticket Order Form and we will fill your ticket needs with the next
best tickets for you. Recital Ticket Order Form

Recital Individual Pictures
Morin's Photography will be at the studio on Tuesday, June 5th to take individual photos of all class and competitive
solos and duet/trios. A appointment sign-up sheet is posted on the waiting room wall.
Please see Picture Order Form

Recital T-shirt Sales
Strut your stuff in our fabulous commemorative recital t-shirt! The t-shirt is white with our recital theme printed on
the front. This year all students will need a t shirt for the finale number. This is also great cover-up while waiting to
perform at dress rehearsals, recitals, or to proudly wear just about everywhere! T-shirts cost is $20. Please see the
Recital T-shirt Order Form

Recital DVD Sales
A professional videographer will be recording all of the recital performances. Standard DVDs may be purchased for
$35. DVDs will be delivered in mid-July. DVDs may be purchased via the Recital DVD Order Form

Recital Name Corrections (Program)
Please make sure your child's name is spelled correctly on the large recital program that will be posted on the wall
in the waiting room. For name change corrections, please highlight your child's name after you make the correction.

Recital Flower Sales
Need Recital Flowers, McKeon’s has you covered! Three bouquet choices are available for order. Flowers will be
available for pick-up one hour prior to show time.
For more information: Recital Flower Sales Order Form

Food Concessions
We will be selling food at all rehearsals and recitals for your convenience. Of course, foods and drinks of any kind
are not allowed in the auditorium.

Directions to Horace Mann Middle School
Directions: Merge onto I-495 S toward Cape Cod. Take the MA-140 exit, EXIT 17,
towardFranklin/Bellingham. Turn left onto MA-140/W Central St. Turn slight left onto Beaver St.
Turn left onto Daniel McCahill St.- Daniel McCahill St becomes Oak St. 224 OAK St- Horace Mann
Middle School.

Media Fee
This year Four Star Productions will be taking successive photographs of each dance. The beginning pose will be
captured and snapshots will continue throughout dance, capturing both group and individual shots. For $13 you will
receive access to all of the photos from not only your child's routine, but also have access to photos of your
relatives and friends! This summer you will receive an email with the link and password to view, download, print,
and share your photographs! In order for us to have this exclusive package we will require all students to purchase
this. Recital Media Sales Order Form

Early Bird Special
Discounted $15.- Registration Fee - 10% off First Month's Tuition. Pick what day works best for you.
Tell us what classes you are interested in. No waiting in line. Click here for the Early Bird Special
Registration Forms must be submitted by June 15, 2018. Click here for the 2018-19 Registration Form

Summer Programs & Camps
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